Vixen Vent: The ‘Bad’ in Good R&B


chris brown

Chris Brown is finally home from jail and we can thank the heavens. With his absence from the spotlight, the monumental popularity Brown established with his music could have disappeared right from under him. Brown’s four singles “Fine China,” “Don’t Think They Know,” “Love More” and “Loyal” are all absolute heat, despite the fact that his newest album X has been pushed back beyond the point of making anyone excited. It’s mind-boggling that with all of the 25-year-old singer’s legal problems, his flame hasn’t died out. It hasn’t even dimmed. Actually, it’s grown brighter. Maybe the music really does transcend the artist, or is it possible that being bad is good for the R&B business?

Today’s R&B has taken an interesting turn. The smooth love ballads have been thrown directly out the window. Sex is the new love, these hoes are apparently not loyal and promiscuity with multiple women has young men paranoid as they attend nighttime social events.