Vixen Vent: The ‘Bad’ in Good R&B

ty dolla sign

Male singers as well as female singers are getting into the action by singing about getting some action. Beyoncé sings about some real sensual situations in “Partition“ as well as in “Drunk In Love.” Rihanna is almost everywhere and her clothes are almost nowhere. Justin Bieber—who is a pop singer in his seemingly distant past—has totally flipped the script. He’s gathered up tattoos, run into trouble with the law and managed to make a very satisfactory R&B album, Journals.

This new R&B defiantly brings subject matter to the table that hasn’t been attacked by singers in such a way yet. Artists like The Weeknd, August Alsina and Ty Dolla $ign seem to revel in this appealing world of drugs, women and what some may consider “bad.” To the ears of many listeners, this “bad” is good for R&B.

Photo Credit: RCA and Instagram