Vixen Vent: ‘Think of the Children.’ Actually, Let’s Not.

Beyonce, Jay Z, Blue Ivy

 Why do we feel the need to parent our favorite celebrity’s children? Is it our insistent need to nurture the youth, gearing them for the future, which in turn makes the world a better place?

No. It couldn’t be, because what in the world are we trying to teach Blue Ivy by referring to her hair as ugly, nappy and undone? We don’t just rant about this in private, but on every open forum of social media. Imagine when she grows up and realizes that from the moment she had a full head of hair, it was being criticized. How are we going to explain to teenage Blue Ivy what was said about her when she was just a toddler?

Don’t young girls of color have it hard enough without there being a petition to change the way they look? Listen, I have a warped sense of humor just as much as anybody, and I can see the fun in it, but this is going way to far. Just because a child has celebrity parents does not mean they should be open to celebrity scrutiny.