Vixen Vent: ‘Think of the Children.’ Actually, Let’s Not.

kimye and north for vogue

Why are we not parsing Kim and Kanye for being good parents? If the only problem we can have with their parenting is an ear piercing they chose to give THEIR CHILD, then we need to reevaluate what we are complaining about. Can you image the reaction you would get telling a stranger how to raise their kid? Even better, image your reaction if a stranger told you how to raise your kid.

The celebrities that we love are barely protected by the screams of fans, media, and naysayers; how loud do you think those screams are to their families? A child’s life is precious; no matter if it is your child, or Jay-Z’s child. So, come on people. Let’s have some respect.

Photo Credit: Tumblr Beyoncé/Annie Leibovitz for VOGUE