Vixen Vent: We Need More Late Night Hosts of Color

Say goodbye to one of the most successful black late night hosts, because The Arsenio Hall Show has been cancelled. Unfortunately, the show couldn’t make it past one season after weeks of deliberation at CBS. Although this is sad news, it wouldn’t suck as bad if there were more late night hosts of color to begin with.

Whether black, Asian, Hispanic, or Middle Eastern, we need more late night hosts of color to represent this melting pot we call America. Most importantly, we need someone who can speak to the urban community through their show, discuss issues that affect us daily (like police brutality) and provide a voice to artists that may have otherwise been ignored. There is nothing wrong with Jimmy Kimmel or Conan. It’s just that late night TV lacks the diverse feel we desperately need during the midnight hours. Tuning into Tavis Smiley to get our news fix or seeing Quest Love’s afro on Jimmy Fallon isn’t enough.

What do you think Vixens? Do you agree that we need more late night hosts of color?

Photo Credit: Getty Images