Vixen Vent: Women Like Sports, Too! And Not Just For the Sweaty Men

NBA Finals, NHL Stanley Cup and the FIFA World Cup. What do these three events have in common? They all involve physically fit men running until sweat molds their jerseys to their bodies so wonderfully it could make a nun blush. At least that’s the answer men expect to get from a woman, right?

If I walk into a sports bar during the NBA Finals, most of the guys inside would probably expect me to ask something like, “Which team is winning, LeBron’s or Dwyane Wade’s?” As if the two haven’t been on the same team for the last four years.

Maybe it’s the sexiest players comments or the constant gossip about what player is dating what actress. For whatever reason, men sometimes think that women can’t actually enjoy sports. Something about our estrogen levels being too high for us to understand anything beyond the players’ looks.

But newsflash fellas, some of us like sports just as much as you! We don’t all groan when you insist on watching the Yankee game during Love & Hip Hop. And we may even indulge you in a game of one-on-one, Love & Basketball style.

So yes, you could hear an occasional comment about how firm Adrian Peterson’s butt looks in his tight pants. But that doesn’t mean we can’t tell you that he stiff-armed a linemen for the 15-yard gain on third-and-long. It just means we have superior multitasking skills (insert hair flip emoji).

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