Vixen Verified: Vibrastrait Oscillating Flat Iron

brocato-carouselMany of us love the sleek and sexy look of straight hair, but maintaining that Hawaiian silky throughout the summer can be damn near impossible. The non-stop hot and humid days of summer are quickly approaching and with that swelter comes a very personal relationship with our hair care products.

One item that every Vixen who’s a stickler for straight should invest in is Brocato’s Vibrastrait Oscillating Flat Iron. Unlike your traditional models, each time you straighten a section of your hair, the heated wand vibrates to remove all kinks and creases. The pulsing also allows your hair to easily glide through the plates without pulling or tugging, which can help prevent hair damage.

This straightener works well with all hair textures and leaves you with a silky shine you’ll love. Head to to purchase.


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