Vote: The Greatest Hip-Hop Group (Since ’93) Tournament!

Crew love has always run deep in hip-hop.

From legendary duos OutKast and Tha Dogg Pound to three pieces like The Lox to rectangles like Black Hippy to full-blown gangs like the mighty Wu-Tang Clan, collectives have left massive footprints in hip-hop’s concrete jungles.

And now we’re pitting these cliques against each other to find out which is the people’s choice. Why? Because the Internet (duh).

Through an exhaustive selection and ranking process, we’ve assembled a March Madness-style bracket of 32 of the dopest rap groups since VIBE’s inception in 1993 (Sorry N.W.A., sorry EPMD, sorry Run DMC, and so on…). We’ve classified each crew geographically, sorting into the four corners of the rap map (East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South and Midwest), giving higher seeds to the groups that have produced the biggest impacts and illest output from ’93 til infinity.

Now it’s your turn to decide. Vote for your preferred crew in each matchup for each region. The victors of each region will advance and face each other in the final four, ultimately crowning your faves. Have at it!

UPDATE: Vote in Round 2 of VIBE’s Greatest Hip-Hop Group (Since ’93) Tournament here (all regions)

EAST COAST (Round 1)
(1.) Wu-Tang Clan vs. (8.) The Lox
(2.) A Tribe Called Quest vs. (7.) G-Unit
(3.) Gangstarr vs. (6.) The Fugees
(4.) De La Soul vs. (5.) Mobb Deep

(Round 2)
(1.) Wu-Tang Clan vs. (5.) Mobb Deep
(6.) The Fugees vs. (2.) A Tribe Called Quest

(1.) OutKast vs. (8.) The Clipse
(2.) Geto Boys vs. (7.) Goodie Mob
(3.) UGK vs. (6.) Hot Boys
(4.) 8Ball & MJG vs. (5.) Three 6 Mafia

(Round 2)
(1.) OutKast vs. (5.) Three 6 Mafia
(2.) Geto Boys vs. UGK

(1.) Cypress Hill vs. (8.) Alkaholiks
(2.) Tha Dogg Pound vs. (7.) Freestyle Fellowship
(3.) Souls of Mischief vs. (6.) Odd Future
(4.) Westside Connection vs. (5.) Black Hippy

(Round 2)
(1.) Cypress Hill vs. (4.) Westside Connection
(2.) Tha Dogg Pound vs. (3.) Souls of Mischief

(1.) Bone Thugs N Harmony vs. (8.) L.E.P. Bogus Boys
(2.) Slum Village vs. (7.) 300
(3.) Do or Die vs. (6.) Kidz In The Hall
(4.) D-12 vs. (5.) St. Lunatics

(Round 2)
(1.) Bone Thugs N Harmony vs. (4.) D-12
(2.) Slum Village vs. (3.) Do or Die