Watch: Cam’ron Drops ‘Funeral’ Video, ‘1st Of The Month’ [Ep. 1] Trailer

Killa Season is officially upon us, as Cam’ron continues to drop teasers of his upcoming projects.

Shortly after announcing his 1st of the Month EP and series, the Harlem rapper wasted no time to debut the first installments off each. Today, Cam’ron released a music video for the single “Funeral” (above) and a trailer to the first episode of the film series (below).

The visual features Killa Cam attending the funeral of a former homie who met his demise after abandoning the “no snitching” street mantra. The 1st of the Month trailer, on the other hand, is packed with guest appearances, including long-time girlfriend JuJu and fellow Dipset mate Sen City.

The 1st of the Month EP is drops July 1 and is available on iTunes for pre-order. —Kai Miller