Watch: Cam’Ron Talks Music, Movies & Money With Tim Westwood

Cam’ron’s recent trip to London included a chop-up session with Tim Westwood. Reminiscing about their epic drive around London back in 2003, Westwood and Killa Cam brought the conversation to the rapper’s current ventures and what seemed to be his hiatus.

“I’m from Harlem, you gotta keep working, man,” Cam clarified. “If you don’t see me, believe, that’s when it’s more dangerous. If you don’t see me, believe me, I’m working on something.”

Discussing his work on the film Percentage, Cam compared his profits from movies to that of his music, pointing out the need to get more creative with sales.

“With music, you gotta figure out ways to get paid again, ‘cause all the cool kids in junior high school and high school, they think you’re wack if you pay for music,” he explained to Westwood. “The cool kids know how to steal it. So it gotta be something really worth buying for them to get it. So I gotta figure out where the checks at. So the movie money is definitely good, but there still some music money out there to get.”

Cam’ron and Westwood also talked about his relationship with girlfriend Juju, and whether the two would release a video for their “Devil” track. Watch the full interview in the video above.