Watch: DJ Khaled Calls San Antonio Spurs Cheaters

Earlier today on ESPN First Take, DJ Khaled appeared on the popular morning sports show to represent for the 305. In total DJ Khaled fashion, the Miami based producer went on a tangent about not respecting the Spurs Game 1 win in the series because they cheated by turning off the AC in the building. When asked how he knew this to be true, Khaled cited “the streets” as his source.

Yup, the streets.

Here’s a short list of quotables from Khaled:

“They [the Spurs] practiced with no heat” (sounds legit)

“With their [the Spurs] legacy, they’ve gotta take that win with a cheatin’. So ain’t no respect.”

“I heard the Spurs locker room had AC blowing.”

“I understand the strategy, but the strategy is this: We are champions.”

Khaled’s greatest response of the day came when First Take host Skip Bayless asked the Miami Heat fans could leave last year’s Game 6 with the team down five and under 30 seconds left in the game. Khaled’s answer?

“Umm.. The only thing I can say about that is, we have the ring and that’s all that matters.”