Watch: J. Cole Premieres The ‘Lights Please’ Video, 5 Years Later

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After five years since the song’s release, J. Cole has finally unveiled the video for a standout track on his The Warm Up mixtape, “Lights Please.” On a special edition of RapFix Live to commemorate the tape’s anniversary, Cole discussed the track’s impact. “I knew it was definitely the best thing I had done at the time, I knew that. I was very aware,” he told Sway Calloway. “When I did it, I was like ‘Oh, I just turned a corner as a songwriter. This is the best thing I’ve ever done.” Shot in approximately August 2008, J. Cole originally planned to release the video for “Lights Please” a part of a BB Gun-directed trilogy, along with “Lost Ones” and “Simba.” And though “Lights Please” contains similar visual imagery as its counterparts, Cole ended up not being completely satisfied with the way the final product turned out. “And the ‘Lights Please’ video, even though it’s dope, ‘cause I know people wanna see it, in my eyes, it didn’t reach the level of greatness that those other ones did. But it’s still dope,” he said. Now, Cole is letting you be the judge. Watch the video for “Lights Please” above.