Watch: Jimmy Fallon And Jennifer Lopez Show Off Their ‘Tight Pants’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Last night (June 10), Jennifer Lopez paid Jimmy Fallon a visit on The Tonight Show and the end result was pure comedy. JLO and the late night host butted heads in the popular “tight pants” sketch, made famous by funny man Will Ferrell two years ago. This time around, the “First Love” singer and Fallon, both decked out in tight white pants, a striped sweater, and hideous bowl cuts, sang, “Everybody’a talking ’bout my tight pants. I got my tight pants, I got my tight pants on.”

The two then bickered about who really had the tightest pants in town until Jenny proved she was still from the block, saying, “Listen up you little bitch. You better hide your wife, you better hide your kids because I will cut you.” Jimmy backed off to give JLO center stage as she twisted then spun for a close up of her famous derriere. Watch the funny go down above.