Watch: Kanye West Goes On A Rant At Bonnaroo 2014

In true Yeezus fashion, Kanye West hit the stage of the 2014 Bonnaroo festival with something to get off his chest. Amidst performing a plethora of classics including “All Falls Down” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” as well as tracks from his latest album like “Bound 2” and “Black Skinhead,” Mr. West’s set was not without a controversial statement or two.

Alluding to his last set at the festival in 2008, when he arrived onstage at a whopping 4:30 a.m., Kanye took a moment to bring a redemptive quality to this year’s set, in a way that only he could put it:

“Last time I got here, before I even arrived, they had ‘fuck Kanye’ on the motherfuckin’ port-a-potties. But this year, we gon’ piss on ‘em, on they motherfuckin’ port-a-potties,” he said, before also calling out the press (above) as he usually does.

But the artistic quality of his revamped set, featuring an LED screen, was not lost in his side notes and mini-rants. While he was barely visible amongst dark shadows and minimal spotlights, the large screen delivered a view of West as he performed:

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Kanye also made a point to inspire the crowd, saying that all of his work was meant to show others what they could do.

“I want y’all to know that anytime I’m in the studio, make a record, make a t-shirt, I give it everything I got,” West said after performing “Power.” “And when I talk that shit, it’s so you can talk that shit. If you’re a fan of me, you’re a fan of your motherfuckin’ self. You can go out and do anything.”

And while there’s no word on whether or not he actually spoke Jay Z’s name at this set, he did perform one of his odes to the Roc, “Diamonds.”

Check out Kanye West’s full Bonnaroo 2014 setlist below:

“Black Skinhead”
“I Don’t Like (Remix)”
“Can’t Tell Me Nothin'”
“New Slaves”
“Say You Will”
“Run This Town”
“Diamonds of Sierra Leone”
“Jesus Walks”
“All Falls Down”
“Touch the Sky”
“All of the Lights”
“Good Life”
“Bound 2″
“Blood on the Leaves”