Watch: Russell Simmons Brings The Zen To Oprah’s ‘Super Soul Sunday’

Russell Simmons parked it on Oprah’s couch for Super Soul Sunday. The Zen God dropped jewels on how everyone can lead more productive, calmer, and healthier lives through the art of meditation, the theme of his forthcoming book, Success Through Stillness: The Simplest Path To Meditation.

Peace and tranquility weren’t the only things that transformed into a Yogi. He told Oprah that he began taking yoga classes 20 years ago to flirt with women in his class. “There were no guys in yoga. It was like a room full of girls, sixty girls!,” he recalled.

He also doted on his two daughters, Ming Lee, and Aoki Lee. “They’re such beautiful little minds, and I learn so much from them. You learn unconditional love, in a way that you can learn it, but in a way you can practice it and you can read about it and write. To really feel it, you have to have a child, I think.”

For the past twenty years, yoga has been a staple in the mogul’s daily routine. “I take time every single day. Meditate twice, and go to yoga. It’s a moving prayer.” Meditate with Uncle Rush below.