We Put Young Jeezy And Superfan Jay Bilas In A Room Together And This Is What Happened


ESPN basketball analyst, Jay Bilas gets paid to evaluate talent and, like he did last night at the 2014 NBA Draft, give fans of the game some insight on the strengths of college ball’s best. For the past few years, he’s proved to also have an ear for top notch bars. Particularly those from the Snowman himself, Jeezy. Since 2011, Bilas has blessed his twitter timeline with the gospel of Jeezy to motivate them for the daily grind. As the saying goes, real recognize real and It didn’t take long for Jeezy to catch on to Bilas’s daily routine. Seeing how much of a fan Bilas was, Jeezy even shouted him out on a track while guest appearing on E-40’s “Function.”

“City where we don’t do broke, we like figgas / Get that bag, then we going to work like Jay Bilas.”

Despite the nods of mutual respect and open acknowledgment, the two had never met or spoken to each other directly. Given our relationship with the Thug Motivator, and that we ran a feature story with Bilas for March Madness, we figured who better than us to make this long overdue connection? In the video above, watch as Bilas tells us what it was that drew him to Jeezy’s music, Jeezy discusses his reaction to Bilas showing love and, well just watch the video.

We’d tell you more, but we gotta go to work. — Terrence Watson