Yo Gotti Announces New Album ‘The Art Of Hustle’

Yo Gotti made a snap decision this past weekend when he announced that he would be dropping a new album this year at Hot 107.9’s Annual Birthday Bash.

“Yo Gotti new album drops this year, fourth quarter; it’s called The Art of Hustle. Just like that, no matter what we’re dropping, get ready,” he said on stage. “I’m the boss, CMG boss status. We don’t need no go ‘heads.”

Gotti explained his impromptu decision in a backstage interview with MTV News. “Man I just decided on stage, I’m dropping an album this year,” he said.

The Memphis-bred MC also explained how The Art of Hustle relates to him. “I’m the ultimate hustler, so I’m finna give them the guideline,” Gotti said. “If everybody could do it, everybody would have money, won’t be nobody in jail. It’s like a book.”

The Art of Hustle will serve as the follow-up to Gotti’s November 2013 release, I Am.