10 Iamsu Songs You Need To Listen To


Heartbreak Gang representative Iamsu has been putting on for his city for a while. Before releasing his debut album, Sincerely Yours, in May of this year, he already had seven mixtapes under his belt. The Richmond, C.A. native has an undeniable Bay Area cool, with a smooth voice that glides over his atmospheric instrumentals, mostly orchestrated by himself and his production team the Invasion.

Iamsu’s catalog is more than radio friendly, consisting of tunes for the turn-up, zoning out and an occasional twerk or two. If you’re a naysayer or a non-believer, take a listen to these 10 tracks that will surely change your mind.

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1. “Wake Up/2 Milli”
This two-part tune meshes well, as both sides of the track are bounce-worthy and maintain Su’s effortless cool.

2. “Other Guys”
Su tries to convince his potential bae that he’s nothing like the rest.
Other Guys

3. “All I Rep”
His Invasion production team gives an old school beat a twist as Suzy promises to rep the Bay and HBK no matter how big he gets or what city or state he’s in.

4. “Hipster Girls”
Su gives us a visual and a full definition of a hipster girl, their worst behaviors and the lengths they’ll go for a little attention.

5. “Return of the Mac,” feat. Sage the Gemini & P-Lo
Though the song has a mellow feel, once Su’s flow becomes elevated and the bass comes in, it’s obvious that this is a cue for the twerkers.

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