10 Examples Of Kanye West Showing Love To Artists Other Than Himself

Kanye West is a big fan of Kanye West. We don’t know if you’ve recognized that or not (kidding). But over the years, Kanye has talked at length about how great he is and about how much of an impact he’s had on culture. However, one thing Kanye doesn’t always get enough credit for is that he does give it up for other artists when they’re winning.

In fact, just this week, Kanye appeared in the new issue of GQ and spoke at length about the success that Drake enjoyed last summer. And he also admitted that he thinks Drake is the hottest rapper in the game right now. It was a little strange to hear Kanye essentially concede defeat, especially since he also dropped an album last summer. But he gave credit where credit was due.

It’s rare to hear Kanye giving it up for someone other than Kanye. But he’s done it on a number of occasions. Here are 10 examples of Yeezus showing love to artists other than himself.

Photo Credit: Getty Images