11 Male Artists Who Weren’t Too Proud To Beg In Songs


Men think women are so hard to please. But in reality, all it takes is a little effort. Show how much that woman means to you. Fight to win her back, post-fuck-up. T.I. seems to be doing just that with his latest track, “Stay,” in which the Atlanta rapper stresses that he’ll do anything to keep the love of his life, Tiny, around: “I’ll be damned if she don’t know my love real,” he spits. “How dare you compare me to dude/girl, chill.”

As a listener, you can’t help but wonder if T.I.’s conflict with Floyd Mayweather over Tiny inspired the song. Either way, “Stay” is just one in a collection of tracks by men who weren’t too proud to beg for a woman, Robin Thicke style, on a record. Flip through for 10 more examples, both true-to-life and fictional. —Shannon Powell (@shannonmichele_)