10 Stars That Need to Dress and Act Their Age

Stars That Need to Dress and Act Their Age

Most of us have accepted that there comes a time in life when you’ve got to put down those skinny jeans and step away from the florenscent leggings in fear of looking like a cougar dressed as a cub.

It seems unfair to dictate what people should be wearing after a certain age, but nobody wants to look like an overgrown teenager. That is, of course, for certain celebrities who may have missed the memo.

Perhaps Hollywood’s obsession with youth has forced these celebs to dress younger than their years or maybe they are surrounded by too many yes-men who haven’t had the heart to remind them that they aren’t 18 anymore.

Whatever the case, here is our plea to all those celebrities growing old disgracefully—you can look fabulous at 40, 60 or 80—just not if you’re wearing your grandkids’ clothes. It’s totally cool for them to act their age and dress like it, too. First up…

1. Madonna

This lady might be in her fifties but that hasn’t stopped her wearing outfits that even her teenage daughter Lourdes would turn her nose up at.

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