10 Things You Should Know About MANIK

MANIK may have been born and bred in New York City, but with a recent move to the West Coast, his music will now be buttered and jellied in LA.

Still, the VIBE-listed“DJ To Watch” in 2013 has a new EP, ‘Get It Together/ Lockjaw’ EP (out now on Nurvous Records), which is rooted in East Coast house music, elevated by the gritty vibrations of bass and remains homage to many NY house legends of Gotham. As the two-tracker proves, MANIK is constantly steamrolling forward to producer-DJ prestige.

We asked him to share 10 personal facts with VIBE so you can become more familiar with MANIK. Peep them below, after the jump.

1. “I speak Hungarian and was born and raised in the heart of Queens. The multicultural vibe of Queens made me appreciate all things different. Also knowing such a rare language in school was kinda fun.”

2. “Besides making music or going out to DJ, my favorite things to do are hang out and BBQ, spend time with my girlfriend and friends, watch shows and take photos. I also like to pretend I am Ron Swanson by eating a lot of Red meat.”

3. “I work best in the afternoons.”

4. “Love me some Pale Ale, Craft Beers, and Whiskey, Bourbon, or good Rye.”

5. “Obsessed with dogs, all things space related, graffiti and street art, and stand up comedy.”

6. “NBA.”

7. “My first-ever paying job was at Burger King. I was a junior in High School and hated every moment of it.”

8. “I just moved to LA and need to wear way too much Sun Block.”

9. “My favorite cities to DJ in are New York, LA, San Diego, London, Melbourne and Toronto.”

10. “I have a “NYC- 718″ tattoo on my left inner bicep. Represents the 29 years I spent there and the area code I am from.”