10 Things You Should Know About Oliver Dollar

The artist known as Oliver $, is always one to roll with the punches when it comes to evolution- be it his moniker or sound. He doesn’t actually need a symbol clouding people’s ears or eyes, or blocking out what’s important: salacious house music. This is how the newly anointed, $-sign-free, Oliver Dollar keeps “Pushing On.”

The no-holds-barred talent, who is known for releasing danceable and creative EPs on labels such as Made to Play and Defected, has been in the studio recently, pushing the knobs for fresh remixes of Freaks’ “Wake Up” with Jimi Jules, Baukermat’s “One Day” and Jessie Ware’s “Tough Love” also with Jimi Jules. A single is in the works with hotly tipped talent Seven Davis JR and there has been mention that his artist album is also on the horizon line.

Oliver Dollar’s last number one Beatport hit with Jimi Jules, “Pushing On” will be re-released this summer (via Ministry Of Sound/ Sony worldwide on Aug 31) the producer recently told VIBE. What’s more, he’s heading off on tour across the US in this month and again in September, so before you snag your tickets, find out 10 facts about the man, from the man himself.

1. “I started out as Oliver S, S for my last name, Siebert. Then a friend said to me that I should change it to Oliver $ as it makes me stand out more, although sometimes I still hear people call me Oliver S!”

2. “I grew up in the North of Germany then moved to Berlin. I can’t imagine living anywhere different; Berlin is definitely the best place in the world to live I think.”

3. “My cousin is Jan Driver and he’s the one who got me started in all this, he was my early inspiration and taught me all the basics.”

4. “My favorite food is hamburgers; the best thing about touring is being able to try lots of them from different places.”

5. “I work best at night!”

6. “Because I can spend all night in the studio I’m not always the best morning person.

7. “My favorite place to play is Panorama Bar in Berlin.”

8. “My nickname is Ginger Ninja, the reason behind it is pretty obvious.”

9. “My first ever paid job was a paper round in my neighborhood when I was about 12, I remember having to do it in the pouring rain for such a small amount of money.”

10. “I like to collect postcards from the cities I visit!”