13 YouTube Beauty Gurus You Need To Be Following Right Now

Beauty Gurus

If you’re having trouble figuring out what products to use in your everyday make-up routine or which outfit to wear on a first date, then you need a YouTube beauty guru in your life ASAP. These ladies have posted videos on every fashion or beauty dilemma you can imagine, and after watching a few informal chatty videos they’ll leave feeling like you’ve just had a good old catch up with one of your besties.

In the few last years the social media site has exploded with women who want to share their love of make-up, fashion and beauty products with the world. What makes them in demand? Perhaps the fact that these videos aren’t filmed in a studio somewhere but in their own bedrooms on the same laptops that they use to Facebook stalk like the rest of us.

Due to the frequency of videos posted and the fly-on-the-wall nature of their posts, we also get a unique peek into their world and get to know them as a person, which makes them much more friendly and approachable than any snooty department store sales assistant.

In honor of our love of beauty gurus, we list our favorite YouTube girlies that we turn to during a fashion/make up crisis.

Photo Credit: BritPopPrincess YouTube