15 Signs You’re Dating a Cheapskate


There are countless characteristics that can make a man appealing—his sense of humor, his intelligence, his ability to hold a conversation, his face, and if you’re lucky, even his taste in fashion­­. But one “uh uh” trait that most Vixens dread is the cheapy cheap one. There’s a fine line between a frugal man and a cheapskate. Here are 15 signs that your dude is a penny-pincher.

1. If the first date ends with him asking, “Dinner on you?”

2. If you both are out at a restaurant within your budget and he asks the waiter/waitress on multiple occasions how much something is.

3. When you go out, he calculates the tab down to the penny and tells you your portion of the bill is $30.27 plus tip and tax.

4. When you know he has enough money to pay for your cab, but he asks you to take public transportation instead.

5. When he’s driving through a drive-thru and he orders himself something to eat and doesn’t even bother to ask you if you’d like something to eat.

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