20 Looks That Only Bad Gal RiRi Can Pull Off

Bad Gal Riri

In light of Rihanna recently being spotted wearing a nightgown in public, it’s obvious that she can do no wrong in fashion. Prior to winning her fashion icon award and afterwards, the platinum selling artist continues to be glorified for taking risks with her style choices. There are a lot of outfits that Bad Gal RiRi pulls off that nobody else could. Unfortunately, the fashion pass that the bad gal gets remains a mystery.

Considering that fashion makes some drastic adjustments with the trend, we will always have documentation of the craziest fashionable pieces that she’s worn. Whether they are classic and timeless or ridiculous and absurd, Bad Gal RiRi is always on top of her game getting praise by fans and fashion gurus. Here are some risqué fits that only Robyn can pull off.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images