The Wins And Fails Of The 2014 ESPYs


Michael Sam’s tearful speech while receiving the Courage award

Drake’s spot-on Manny Pacquiao impression

Stuart Scott’s emotional speech: “When you die, it doesn’t mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, while you live, and in the manner which you live.”

The Double Lance Cam

Chris Brown’s cameo during the Black and Drake parody (“I’m your co-host, America’s sweetheart, Chris Brown”)

The dramatic Floyd Mayweather introduction

Drake’s “Sterling Never Loved Us”

Blake Griffin’s face when Drake dissed Donald Sterling

Drake sporting the Russell Westbrook collection

Brian McKnight’s cameo for “Sidepieces”

Drake’s ode to Skylar Diggin, “Can I Diggin'” and the forehead kiss


Skylar’s poor boyfriend

Drake’s corny jokes during his opening monologue (he redeemed himself)

Kevin Durant’s frog-green suit

Russell Westbrook’s outfit