5 Facts You Should Know About Kove

If you asked someone in 2012 who Kove was, they’d have most likely looked unsure. Cut to two years later, Kove is one of the most in-demand remixers of the moment and has forayed into producing original music.

Born James Rockhill, thousands flock to Kove’s SoundCloud page on the regs to hear the wide variety of music he creates- from drum and bass to deep house and beyond. He can even count Annie Mac, BBC Radio 1’s signature DJ, as a fan.

Stream “Way We Are” featuring Melissa Steel and then check out the five facts Kove has shared with VIBE to get a feel for your new favorite producer.

1. “I own every Nickelback album and can admit it.”
2. “I have a few webbed toes, but can’t swim.”
3. “I used to be the heavy eyeliner-ed keyboardist in a synth pop band. We were shit.”
4. “I racked up over 2 grand in parking tickets in just over six months.”
5. “I have a severe phobia of vomit. Probably something to do with how often people have thrown up on me.”

“Way We Are” featuring Melissa Steel is out July 21. Pre order it here.