5 Reasons Chris Bosh Should Sign With The Rockets

Lebron James. Carmelo Anthony. Dwyane Wade. Forever the heroes of the 2003 NBA Draft class and once again the focal point of attention in the league, with free agency focusing on the decisions of James and Anthony and the withering of Wade’s talents. But just like in ’03 and at every Heat post-game presser, Bosh is the one left out. He’s the NBA version of that fourth Musketeer. Or, to put it in Wu-Tang terms, he’s U-God’s verse on Triumph: Way better than average, but overshadowed by the greats.

Which is exactly why he needs to head to the Houston Rockets. Even aside from the popular memes, Bosh doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Reports are saying he wants to wait to see what LeBron does before he decides but it’s time for him to be his own man and make his own decision. There are several reasons why Bosh needs to make his move to Houston. To catch up on the most important ones, keep reading by clicking the arrows above.