5 Reasons Why Karrueche Isn’t A Side Chick

Before Drake gave “Side Pieces” shine at the ESPYs, the term “side chick” has run rampant in today’s ratchet culture.

Since her arrival on Chris Brown’s arm back in 2010, model/ designer/ socialite Karrueche Tran has endured everything from the butchering of her name to personal shots from his ex Rihanna and her Navy. The lowest blow came when VH1.com named her one of “Hip Hop’s Most Notorious Side Chicks.”

Kae recently got wet in the eyes after stopping by BET’s Just Keke, hosted by Keke Palmer, and revealing the harsh reality of dating a big name. “In this case my boyfriend is a celebrity whose ex-girlfriend is an even bigger [celebrity]…so not only am I fighting a battle with her, I’m fighting a battle with her 14 million fans or however else,” she said.

Still, regardless of the Internet’s opinions, here are reasons why Chris Brown’s girl is actually her own woman.

Photo Credit: Instagram