5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Ace Cosgrove

The mere mention of Ace Cosgrove will have you wondering “Who?” But with his unique lyrical delivery and growing recognition since dropping Simple Criticism, the 23-year-old emcee is an artist to keep an eye on. We had the opportunity of catching up with the DMV rapper to discuss his evolution as an artist thus far as well as his upcoming projects. Here, we broke down 5 reasons why you should be bumping his latest offerings:

1. He’s been compared to the likes of Ab-Soul, Wiz Khalifa, and The Pharcyde. However, the Maryland born rapper is determined to make a name for himself through his unorthodox sound. “I really don’t get that inspired by other artists because I don’t want to be like no else,” Cosgrove explained. “I wanna heavily drift away from those comparisons.”

2. Ace is the furthest thing from your quintessential rapper, making him more relatable than most artists. Through his music, Cosgrove offers you a dose of his humbling reality which greatly contradicts the flashy lyricism that is currently dominating the rap game. Tracks like “Sick Little Fetish” are a prime example of this as he confronts his struggle to attain the success his longs for. “My influence now is just stuff that goes on around me,” Cosgrove said. “The fact that I’m not the richest person, I’m not where I wanna be at, I sleep on a basement floor. So, stuff like that influences me.”

3. He’s collaborated with super producers BeeWirks and DJ Black Diamond. You may not be familiar with those two names but their resumes include production for Pusha T, The Neptunes, Mac Miller, and many more. DJ Black Diamond was a major contribution to Cosgrove’s Simple Criticism project, whereas, BeeWirks lent his production skills to the rapper’s latest offering ‘Sick Little Fetish’. In light of his next project, Cosgrove hopes to collab with BeeWirks again. “I definitely want to keep up the work with BeeWirks cause he’s dope,” Cosgrove revealed.

4. Cosgrove’s next project Us VS. Robots challenges the “American Dream.” Growing up in an unconventional household, Cosgrove has never been accustomed to a ‘9 to 5′ lifestyle. Through his next project, he hopes to inspire his listeners to not become a slave to society’s expectations. “Everything I do musically is a rebel,” he explained.

5. He’s passionate about his work even if it means not cutting his hair for four years. Cosgrove’s self titled “bush” is the result of him not cutting his hair for years. “I was like ‘I’m not about to cut this off until I get a gig’ like an actual show,” Cosgrove explained. “So, I got this open mic and I wasn’t satisfied with that being a gig and I still haven’t gotten one.”