50 Cent Calls Out Floyd Mayweather For Trying (And Failing) To Talk To Tiny

Leave it to 50 Cent to make light of any situation. Once again, he’s speaking out about the awkward T.I., Tiny, and Floyd Mayweather love triangle. Today, Fif posted a picture of Tiny curving the boxer on the red carpet of the BET Awards this past weekend. Soon after, he posted a follow-up video on Instagram blasting his ex-business partner for messing with Tiny. “Champ! What the fuck are you doing? You better make this shit make sense.”

This isn’t the G-Unit rapper’s first time warning Mayweather of his actions. A month ago, Fitty posted another video of a fake, but comical conversation with who was supposed to be Floyd. “Your uppercut ain’t gon’ mean shit when niggas start shootin’…” he said poking fun at Tip’s accent and previous gun charges. Hopefully the beef between everyone ends here.

Check out 50 Cent’s many warnings below.

Now what the fuck is champ doing with TI woman again. He think shit sweet man DAMN. Leave the man lady alone floyd. I’m call you to talk