7 Things Kanye West Needs To Do On His Next Album

Is Kanye West’s seventh solo album coming sooner than we think? Maybe. Last weekend, Kanye made his way to a London nightclub after his second performance at the Wireless Festival. According to reports, Yeezy took over the DJ booth and played about 20 new songs. Miraculously, no one grabbed video (c’mon, guys!), but a few attendees tweeted about Ye’s new music and used words like “dark,” “hellish” and “groundshaking” to describe it.

So it looks like Kanye is on his way to making another dope album. What should that project—which will serve as Kanye’s follow-up to 2013’s Yeezus—sound like? Here are 7 things Kanye needs to do on his next album.

Photo Credit: Getty Images