The 8 Biggest Winners From The 2014 NBA Draft

NBA Draft night was magical. There were the normal tears of joy from players and parents, the boo’s from the stands filled with Brooklynites when NBA great, and former New York Knicks (mis)manager, Isaiah Thomas appeared on the screen and the thots hovering around clubs waiting to get chose by the newly rich NBA stars.

Lucky for me, American Express invited some media members to experience it all first hand. Amex’s, the NBA’s official credit card partner, invites some members to NBA to enjoy “Off the Court: Roundtable” events like all star weekend, the playoffs and the draft. Once at the Barclays, they took us behind the scenes to walk across the same stage that the players would soon cross, have a meet and greet with the players and enjoy the draft from some pretty dope seats. The night was filled with surprising moves, franchise changing picks and selfies. Lots and lots of selfies.

Thursday was certainly a win for me and the other invitees, but I got to thinking who else won the draft? Read along to find out.