Angela Simmons Hosts BET’s First Online Fashion Recap Series

The internet is about to get a lot more beautiful – thanks to BET. The network partnered with Beautiful Textures to launch an original beauty webseries called, “The Morning After: The Fashion Round Up.” Starring designer and style icon Angela Simmons and featuring the celebrity stylist Ugo Mozie and funny man Billy Sorrells, the show brings you the the latest trends in hair, fashion and cosmetics.

“I’m thrilled Beautiful Textures brought me on board to host’s ‘The Morning After: Fashion Round Up,’” said Simmons.

The first episode kicks off with a fashion recap from the 2014 BET Awards.

“Everyone knows it’s not just the nominees who get all the attention at high-profile events such as the BET Awards. It’s the people who make an impression on the red carpet that everyone will be talking about the next day,” she adds. “Personally, I pay the closest attention to everyone’s hair – strong, healthy hair is one of the best assets a girl can flaunt on the red carpet or anywhere.”

To check out all the videos in the “Morning After: Fashion Round Up” series, please visit beginning this month and click the “Morning After” banners.