Are These Untouched Photos of Mariah Carey?

mariah carey unretouchedAre Terry Richardson’s Photoshop skills this real?

According to Jezebel, they are. The site reportedly obtained exclusive unretouched versions of the Mariah Carey shoot with Richardson for Wonderland’s summer issue, and the comparisons are trippy. From the looks of it, Mimi was given some major adjustments by the photographer’s alterations.

The supposed before photos show a less slim and more pale Mariah, before having her waist snatched, boobs lifted and skin bronzed during photo edits. Tinier, more sensical tweaks also included hiding the tears in her corset and volumizing her hair.

mariah carey unretouched pictures with kidsAnd while photo retouching is far from a new practice in Hollywood, perhaps there is a larger conversation to be had. Is the dream of perfection worth selling, or should the presentation of stars be more realistic? Let us know what you think.

mariah carey unretouched photos with diamondsAuthor: Iyana Robertson