Beyoncé Seems Unbothered By Divorce Rumors

The Knowles-Carter clan has been under an even smaller microscope than usual since #ElevatorGate a couple months ago at the 2014 Met Gala. Reports have had Jay cheating with his ex-partner’s ex-wife, Beyoncé at odds with sister Solo, and baby Blue Ivy caught in a bitter separation battle.

The latest report by the New York Post has Jay Z and Beyoncé filing for divorce at the end of what is to be the second largest grossing concert in the history of entertainment. And while other media outlets have since added their reports confirming these divorce rumors, the two have remained customarily quiet.

Hours after the New York Post’s reports, Beyoncé took to Instagram to show just how much she’s thinking about the rumors. (Read: not at all.) Forbes Most Powerful Celebrity posted an adorable pic of what could be she and Jay swinging Blue between them. Bey has also posted several other photos of the family vacationing between shows on her Instagram and Tumblr feeds.

It’s unlikely that we’ll get a statement from either, on what the status of their relationship is now. But from the looks of these photos, Bey’s bewilderingly unbothered.

Photo Credit: Instagram