Beyonce’s Backing Vocalist Defends Her Revealing ‘On The Run’ Tour Costumes

Beyonce came under fire from some commentators for wearing a revealing “ass-less” leotard in her blockbuster “On The Run” tour. As usual, the game-changing diva kept her silence but one of her backing vocalists did the talking for her. Tiffany Monique, better known as one third of The Mamas, shut down the controversy with one extremely well-worded Facebook post.

“Why is it that every time a female entertainer wears something revealing, it’s assumed she felt like she ‘had’ to?” she wrote. “Why aren’t men held by the same strict standards as women?” Two excellent questions but Tiffany saves the best one for later in the post. “Why is what she chooses to wear at her grown-ass-woman show any business of anyone else’s?”

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