The BIG Cosign: Five Reasons You Should Listen To TeeFLii Right Now


TeeFLii isn’t your typical love singer. He doesn’t service lovey-dovey serenades or heartbroken ballads to his special lady. Nah. The 27-year-old Los Angeles native would much rather turn up, take part in a puff-puff-pass session with a chosen baddie and then hit the sheets for a late night tryst.

Tee, born Christian Jones, has deemed his music “FLii&B,” where he croons naughty lyrics over lusty beats accented with snaps and 808 claps. This sound has worked well for him, landing a major record label deal with Epic Records and now, distinction as VIBE’s BIG Cosign artist for the month of July. Expect to get to know the budding singer here in the next 30 days, as he continues working on his debut album Starr, with the 2 Chainz-assisted “24 Hours” as it’s appetizer.

For the skeptics and not-yet believers, here are five reasons to lend an ear to the former dancer’s young catalog. —Tanay Hudson