Biz Markie Gets Channing Tatum To Sing ‘Just A Friend’ At Comic Con

Every year Comic-Con produces magical events for nerds worldwide. For super hero obsessed individuals, they are down right eventual moments that rip at your heart and make you cry tears of joy. Biz Markie and Channing Tatum singing “Just A Friend” is one of those moments. Onstage to discuss his upcoming animated film The Book Of Life, Tatum sat by as the director discussed the usage of modern music in the film.

Which then brought out Biz Markie. Which then propelled Tatum to sing along with The Biz. Look, nevermind that he kind of got the lyrics to the chorus wrong, we’re talking about Channing Tatum singing “Just A Friend” with Biz Markie here. Watch the clip and prepare to get the song stuck in your head all day.