Bobbi Kristina Post a Pic of Herself Smoking a Bong

Daughter of Bobbie Brown and the late Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina posted a picture on Instagram of herself smoking out of a bong. Along the with the picture, the actress posted a long message explaining why she posted the incriminating flick while hinting at the stressful situation she is currently going through.

“This picture may be inappropriate but I want to make a connection with you all,” the second-generation celeb wrote. “Don’t worry this picture isn’t recent just hear me out. Do you know what I feel? I feel strange I can’t feel any pain anymore. I don’t take any drugs as of recently.”

The star goes on to talk about a “situation” that caused her “to do things”.

“People kinda expect more from me. But I can’t. I have lost my sense. It just happened. Then here we go again I’m in the same pain. I’m hurt. I’m trying to. I really do. But I know that I’m hurt and in pain but I can feel it but I don’t know what it is.” she continued.

“What do I really do? God, Help me ignore and rebuke what these demons are saying, in Jesus Name. Amen.”

Her rant comes just days after the photo for the biopic Whitney and Bobby was released. Bobbi Kristina was furious at director of the film and veteran actress Angela Basset for not casting her to play her mother.

Photo Credit(s): Instagram