Boyz II Men Take Their Singing Talents To Wendy’s

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If ever there were a time to appreciate Boyz II Men for just being Boyz II Men, now would be it. The now three-man R&B staple group has lent their voices to Wendy’s… yes Wendy’s. And it’s a win.

In the latest Wendy’s “Pretzel Bun Love Song” video, Wanya, Shawn and Nathan flex their ever-potent vocals for a hilarious song comprised of tweets about the return of the Wendy’s pretzel bun. As animated tweets provide a sing-along experience, the fellas harmonize and riff 140-character responses to the fast food chain’s latest menu addition. With scenes that bring to life the Twitterverse’s most dramatic welcoming back of the bun, Boyz II Men employ emoji masks and costumes for a song they call “YES YES YES!”

Let Boyz II Men serenade your funny bone in the video above. Also, could we have some more new music now please?