California Couple Stuck in Mexico After Ziplining Accident

A dream vacation has turned into a nightmare for a California couple Brian and Shimeaka Hodges.

While on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico celebrating Shimeaka’s birthday and their anniversary, the couple decided to go ziplining at “Wild Canyon,” which is dubbed the safest zipline spot around. While Brian was ziplining a gust of wind slammed his body into a cliff at 40 mph, KTLA reports.

His friend, Calvin Black, said he could see that his zipline was “way too close” to a mountain.

“I’m running down the ramp to grab him, and we’re pulling him up,” Black told KTLA. “And we’re trying to lift him together out of the harness, and we’re screaming at him, like ‘Brian, Brian, wake up, wake up, talk to me, talk to me, say something, and Shimeaka’s praying.”

As Brian laid unconscious, his ribs, back and neck were all broken. He also suffered severe head trauma which left him in a coma.

Getting the needed medical attention for him has been a burden for his wife. Shimeaka told KTLA that their international insurance coverage only paid for 50 percent of the costs and the hospital in Mexico treating Brian wanted the other half up front.

“They wouldn’t even start the surgery unless I gave them the $50,000 right then and there,” she said. “Once they got it off of my credit card, then they went ahead and called and got a surgery team together.”

Since Brian’s swelling of the brain is too severe for him to fly, the couple remains in Mexico and the medical bills are piling up. Shimeaka was hit with another $28,000 bill from the hospital is not sure of how she will pay it off. Fortunately, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help her. As of last week $17,000 had been raised.

If you can be of any help after this horrific ziplining accident.

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