Cassidy Says Jay Z Set Up His Classic Battle With Freeway

The Cassidy vs. Freeway battle of 2001 has a cozy place in the hip-hop history books. And in a recent interview with VladTV, Cass adds another great element to the story: the battle was orchestrated by Jay Z.

“The most time me and Jay Z spent around each other talking was the Freeway battle thing. He the one that set it up,” Cassidy revealed. “It was me, him and Swizz in the studio before it all went down, so that was the time I really spent the most time around him and really talked to him and all that shit.”

After dropping a detail on the classic battle, Cassidy spoke about the current state of hip-hop. Offering his opinion on the lack lyricism, the Philly rapper talked discussed how battle rap is one of the few places where lyrics continue to reign supreme.

“Hell no, of course not. It’s definitely not. And you know, that’s the main things I love about hip-hop. Some people like hip-hop for flows. Some people like hip-hop for beats. But what overrules all of that is lyrics, bars. That’s what I like more than anything, and I feel as though it ain’t enough of that.”

Relive Cassidy’s battle with Freeway below, and watch his full VladTV interview here.