Celebrity Besties With Friendships Longer Than Most Hollywood Marriages

lala-vazquez-kim-k-and-kelly-carouselWe all have that ride or die BFF who will put up with our 3 a.m phone calls about our latest drama or loan us that $20 when we’re waiting for our paycheck to clear.

VIP Vixens are no different. Only these celebrity besties probably watch each other’s backs for paparazzi and make sure their friend’s hair isn’t looking out of place on the red carpet. In an industry built on superficiality, it may be rare to find genuine friendships, but these stars prove that there is some hope yet. These longstanding besties have been rolling with each other for years and still look like they’re having a blast. We can’t wait to see if they end up sitting next to each other in some Beverly Hills rest home taking selfies and reminiscing about the good old days.

Check out our 11 celebrity besties with friendships longer than most Hollywood marriages

All Photos: Getty Images and Instagram