Christina Millian Prepares ‘Tina Turn Up’ Mixtape


After rumors began swirling about her dating Lil Wayne following her break-up with Rap-A-Lot CEO Jas Prince, Christina Milian isn’t doing anything to quell those fires one bit. She’s set to be working on a mixtape entitled Tina Turn Up and that she’ll be working on Wayne’s upcoming Carter V album.

“I’ve been working a lot on Lil Wayne’s album, so I have a few records done for the new Carter V album,” she says. “I think they’re gunna be hot, I got to write the records too.” As far as the upcoming project she reveals, “I’m thinking of maybe doing a mixtape. I’m thinking of doing something fun and sexy, and some good party records. I might call it Tina Turn Up.”

If you recall, Wayne made some subliminal shots towards Milian and Prince’s relationship during his “Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up” freestyle on Weezy Wednesday’s right before Drake’s Houston Appreciation Weekend.

“She need a king, fuck them princes / You’re a queen / Let’s have a princess…Oh, ya’ll just datin’? Well I’m still hating.”