Cute on Coins: 15 Luxe Handbags for Less

Forget diamonds, handbags are a girl’s bestfriend. What would we do without our trusty totes and satchels to throw our lives in everyday for work or a day out on the town? We couldn’t imagine (nor do we want to). Choosing the perfect purse for our lifestyles and personal tastes are just as tedious as figuring out what to eat for dinner or picking the right color for a manicure. If it looks good and the price is right then consider us sold!

Speaking of price, we love a good bargain. Don’t you? With a plethora of lower end bags on the market for the budget-friendly fashion enthusiast, it is easier than ever to feed our purse needs. As a matter of fact, here’s a list of lux handbags for less that we are sure you’ll love. Check them out after the jump. Happy shopping!

Photo Credit: Getty Images