Diddy And Guy Gerber Unveil ‘11 11’ Collaboration

A project several years in the making, the musical partnership many never even realized they needed has come to light. More than three years ago, word quickly spread that Israeli DJ, producer and Wisdom of the Glove creator, Guy Gerber and Sean Combs, hip-hop’s man of many names and faces, were working in the studio together on a brand new musical project. With a shroud of mystery falling around the unlikely pair, the discussion of their collaboration has remained fodder for gossip throughout the music industry worldwide ever since. Only this last month were audiences finally given the confirmation that they had been waiting to hear, and that an 11-track album between the two would be well on its way.

Set to release this summer, 11 11 is a futuristic and innovative project from two of the world’s most prolific music minds. While Diddy had admitted that he had initially wanted to name the project Ketamine, 11 11 instead draws much more deeply from Gerber’s mystical and occult driven fascinations. The first glimpse we have had so far into the project is the release of the track, “My Heart,” a dark and sultry single with a haunting melody. “My Heart” serves as the thesis which the 11 11 project stands upon, opening on a quiet and intricately placed melody, quickly juxtaposed against much harder and combative bass lines. Brash and bold, yet soft and emotive, the full-bodied sound of “My Heart” is truly one of a kind. With Diddy’s distorted vocals and it’s heart wrenching lyrics, “My Heart” is alienating and captivating all at once, a raw and tortured soul that inhabits the song’s ethereal body. The beauty of 11 11 lies in its quiet and subtle beauty, placing the focus on experimental power rather than an ostentatious display. With it’s minimal techno roots, 11 11 serves as the soon to be theme for the underground, it’s melodies carrying you home as the sun begins to rise. Listen to “My Heart” below, and stay tuned for what the duo has in store.