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Diggin' In The Crates: The Sample In Jeremih's 'Don't Tell 'Em'

A super brief history on the samples used in that song you can't get out of your head

Jeremih has comfortably been making bank from the bedroom for the past five years. In 2009, the crooner who looked like Diddy's mini-me turned birthdays into the second baby-making holiday after honeymoons with "Birthday Sex". The year after, the Def Jam signee fronted the 2010 freaky deaky anthem "Down On Me" co-starring 50 Cent. Then, in 2012, he dropped the underrated Late Nights with Jeremih mixtape for the grown and sexy. Now, the singer often on hook duty attempts to penetrate speakers once more with the slick and sly "Don't Tell 'Em."

If you find yourself repeating Jeremih's hook after one listen, it could be because you already know the song. Before EDM became a (highly profitable) thing, German eurodance music tandem Snap! (comprised of Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti) dropped "Rhythm Is A Dancer" in 1992. It peaked at No. 5 on the US Billboard Top 100 but enjoyed more success overseas as the biggest-selling single of the year in the UK with 582,700 copies sold.

With vocals from American singer/writer/composer Thea Austin and bars from rapper Turbo B (an American reportedly discovered at a navy base in Germany while doing service in the army), the catchy refrain goes, "Rhythm is a dancer/ It's a soul's companion/ You can feel it everywhere."Jeremih takes a more shallow approach on "Don't Tell 'Em", flipping it into, "Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion/ Girl I guess that must be you/ Body like the summer, fucking like no other/ Don’t you tell ‘em what we do."

At a time where TMZ and Twitter were obsolete, the original copped some flack for the eyebrow-raising line: "I'm as serious as cancer, when I say rhythm is a dancer." (UK's Telegraph hailed it "the worst lyric of all time".) Some say it's a play off of Eric B. & Rakim's "I Ain't No Joke" off their 1987 LP Paid In Full where they rap, "I got a question as serious as cancer/ Who can keep the average dancer."

For the visual, Snap! makes a play for global domination at a space station with an army of men dressed in light-up, skin-tight bodysuits. As they salute to the beat and hold globes above their heads, Austin is hoisted in the air amidst fog. Bill Nye The Science Guy-type effects also prance in and out of the screen. Despite the dated video, "Rhythm Is A Dancer" set the tone for mainstream. Electronic beats, dinky rap and infectious powerhouse vocals ultimately became the stuff that all great '90s pop hits are made of (see: La Bouche's 1995 "Be My Lover"). Whether your dance skills extend as far as Will Ferrell's head bop in Night At The Roxbury or the Jabbawockeez, "Rhythm Is A Dancer" is an instant pick-me-up that stands the test of time.—Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton)

"Don't Tell Em" is produced by DJ Mustard and Mick Schultz and will appear on Jeremih's forthcoming LP on Def Jam Records. Cop "Don't Tell 'Em" on iTunes here.

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TLC's Chilli Praises Cardi B For How She's Dealing With Offset Break Up

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"I have gone through a public breakup, and it is not easy," Chilli, whose real name is Rozanda Thomas, said referring to her split from Usher. "When strangers know your business and want to chime in while you’re still dealing with the pain yourself, it’s difficult. Breakups are hard on anyone, but can you imagine if strangers knew your business? It’s rough."

Thomas also claimed that Cardi was "braver" than she was as she "just sort of shut down" when her two-year relationship to the R&B crooner ended. "I am proud of her for being strong and standing up for herself during a time that is obviously a very hurtful one," she continued. "She has a strong sense of self. That’s why fans have connected with her this way. She talks about her highs and lows; she is fearless."

Later in the interview, Chilli suggested that she would be open to working with Cardi on new music. "I don’t usually like to collaborate with females, and the reason why is because of Lisa," she added. "That is just a little weird for me, personally. But I think with Cardi B, she is an exception to the rule. TLC and Cardi B all day long. We’ve gotten a lot of love from Cardi. It’s really an honor."

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Childish Gambino Reveals Father's Death During Concert Tribute

Childish Gambino wrapped his This Is America Tour in Los Angeles on Monday (Dec. 17) with a special tribute to his father, Donald Glover Sr. The multi-talented artist revealed that his dad passed away a couple of weeks ago, and commemorated his life by previewing a new single.

"I lost my father a couple weeks ago," he announced in a video that was posted on Reddit. "I wanted to play him some of the new songs, but he didn't want to hear them, because he was like, 'I know they're going to be great.'"

He added: "I'm not saying that to talk about music — I say that to talk about trust. That's what love is. I hope you guys get to feel that kind of love."

He later previewed one of the songs he wanted to share with his dad, as seen in a video a fan posted on Twitter. The song sounds like an uptempo tune with heavy horn instrumentals.

The announcement comes shortly after Gambino returned to the stage after suffering from a foot injury. Ahead of the tour, the "Feels Like Summer" rapper also announced that his next album would be his last project under the moniker Childish Gambino. It's unclear if the new track will appear on the final album.

Check out Gambino's tribute to his father in the video below.

@donaldglover unreleased song #ChildishGambino #ThisIsAmerica #thisisamericatour

— Alexis Andrade (@alexisarealtor) December 15, 2018

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VICE CEO Doesn't Believe Desus And Mero's Brand Is Strong Enough For Showtime

Comedy duo Desus & Mero have kept their brand strong since joining forces in 2012 but the newly-appointed CEO of Vice believes their move to Showtime wasn't the best decision.

In an interview with Elle, Nancy Dubuc shared her plans to rebuild the outlet since reports of sexual harassment allegations, unlawful HR practices and the stepping down of Shane Smith came to light this year. Changing the bro culture has removed content and replacing it with more substantial content and finding gems that will also replace the gap left by Desus & Mero.

The guys brought high ratings to the network during their reign from August 2016 to June 2018, but Dubuc doesn't see this happening for their upcoming series at Showtime. “They’re going to a platform that their audience doesn’t pay for,” she said.  “I told them, ‘You can always come back.’”

In an interview with Bossip over the summer, the guys revealed their contracts were cut two months early after news about their deal with Showtime went public. They show consisted of the two commentating on the latest in politics and pop culture while interviewing big names like Gabrielle Union, Rachel Maddow, Diddy, Vic Mensa and Tracee Ellis Ross. They also opened up about their organic approach in comedy was nearly butchered when the network demanded them to work 24/7.

“We were carrying that network on our back, and we felt the weight,” Desus said. “They were talking about, ‘Do not take the weeks off because we don’t get ratings,’ and it’s like, 'Yo, we’re just two people.'”

“We were literally the LeBron of that network,” Mero added. “As a dad, you wanna be around for milestones for like graduations, birthdays…and it’s obnoxious to have to be like, ‘I can’t go to my kid’s graduation because we leave the studio at 3 o’clock and the graduation is at 4.’”

Mero believed the duo were undervalued and not appreciated by the network until it was too late. Their brand transcended platforms as the guys are still active on Twitter and their podcast roots, taking the brand to new heights.

“The channel wanted us to die for this f**king network,” Desus said at the time.  “We’re also the highest rated show on the network, put some respect on our name, have someone come massage my feet.”

We doubt the duo will go back to Vice as excitement for their series on Showtime continues to grow. The guys are already making strides by adding black women to their writing team and recently dropped a teaser for the show.

The brand is strong. #DESUSandMERO are bringing the culture to #Showtime beginning Thurs, Feb 21, at 11p/10c! #BodegaHive

— Desus & Mero on SHOWTIME (@SHODesusAndMero) November 29, 2018

Desus and Mero will premiere on Showtime Feb. 21 at 11 pm ET.

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