Drake Pays Rapper 4-Tay $100,000 For Lyrics In YG Song

Failure to cite credit in this rap game can cost you pretty a penny, just ask Drake.
According to TMZ, Champagne Papi was reportedly forced to fork over $100,000 for using West Coast rapper, Rappin’ 4 Tay’s 1994 smash “Playaz Club” lyrics on YG’s popular single “Who Do You Love?” Although Drizzy altered some of the lyrics, Rappin’ 4 Tay’s influence is undeniably noticeable.

The opening four lines of ‘Playaz Club” go:
“I got a ho named Reel-to-Reel
She got a buddy named SP 12, now you know the deal
We gets freaky in the studio late night
That’s why the beats that you hear are coming real tight
Something to roll to, something to stroll to
If you’s a playa in the game this will hold you”

Drake’s verse opens with:
“I got a shorty name Texas Syn
She got a buddy named Young JB and now you know the deal
We turnt in the studio late night
That’s why the songs that you hear are comin’ real tight
OVO crew, n***a, thought I told you
If you a player in the game this should hold you”

Last December, Rappin’ 4 Tay took to Twitter to vent after hearing the song. “In This Song Drake Copys My Lyrics,” he wrote. “& Lines From My PlayazClub Song & Pays No Homage!???” According to 4-Tay’s manager, Drake’s label paid the six-figure cost without a hitch.